Schemes. Tables4

The differences between the jejunum and ileum


Jejunum Ileum
2/5 of the total length of small intestine  3/5 of the total length of small intestine 
4-3 cm in diameter 3-2 cm in diameter
Bright pink color Pink color
Located mainly to the left of the midline Located mainly to the right of the midline
The wall is thicker  
The number of villi is larger  
Contains solitary lymphatic follicles Contains aggregated lymphatic follicles (Peyer’s patches)


The differences between the small and large intestine


Small intestine Large intestine
Exterior view
5-6 m long 1,5-2 m long
2,5-4 cm in diameter 4-8 cm in diameter
Pink color Greyish-pink color
Located centrally, in the middle storey of the peritoneal cavity Frames the small intestine superiorly and laterally 
Uniform longitudinal muscle layer Longitudinal muscle fibres, grouped in taeniae coli 
Has haustrae 
Has epiploic appendices 
Internal structure
Thickness of the wall is 2-3 mm Thickness of the wall is 3,5-5,5 mm
The presence of intestinal villi
Solitary and aggregated lymphatic follicles (Peyer’s patches) (picture 65) Solitary lymphatic follicles (picture 65)
Circular mucosal folds (picture 65) Semicircular mucosal folds
Digestion of chyme with intestinal juice, bile and pancreatic juice: proteins are digested by enterokinase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, erepsin and nuclease; fats – by lipase; carbohydrates – by amylase, lactase, sucrase 1.Absorption of water

2.Digestion of cellulose with bacteria

3.Excretion of metabolic products

4.Synthesis of vitamins K and B

5.Secretion of mucus

6.Formation, accumulation and excretion of faecal masses




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